Hello! My name is Greta.

Just like most human beings, I wear many hats. I’m a wife and a mother (to my moon child Zoey and two furry babes). A daughter and a sister. A friend. I’m also work as a public relations professional and yoga teacher (RYT200), but I consider The Moon and She LLC my mini passion project.

Here you'll find me blogging about my personal journey through life under the (sun and) moon as well as my yoga teacher services. From yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to healthier living to self-love and self-care tips, I hope that anyone who hops on here finds a little inspiration to do more of what's best for themselves.  

About five years ago, I set out on a personal journey toward self-transformation, self-love, and self-awareness. Early in that process I found yoga, which has since become one of my greatest tools (and gifts) and taught me more about myself than ever before. It's given me the physical, mental, and spiritual strength to grow in all areas of life. 

I'm been empowered to practice more mindfulness and meditation, healthier eating habits, a cleaner and safer beauty routine, more minimalistic lifestyle, and so much more.  

Also as a part of that journey, I’ve found a connection with the moon, particularly the crescent moon. (Hence the name: The Moon and She!) The crescent moon symbolizes growth and creativity. It provides a burst of energy and serves as a lunar period to focus on whatever it is you’d like to deepen and commit to. It speaks to me and my constant journey in self-discovery.

So I bring you The Moon and She LLC, my very own (tiny) corner of the internet.

Questions? Comments? Want to Collaborate? Contact me.